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Bereikbaar ben je met je GSM, praten doe je met Choozze.

The First Phone Call Was 133 Years Ago

A post on Slashdot reminded me: "March 10 is the 133rd anniversary of the first telephone call. It occurred between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson back on this day in 1876. But there is some debate about whether Bell is actually the rightful owner of the crown for such invention. Having worked on the idea of transmitting speech using electricity for some time, Bell filed his patent on 14 February 1876, either just before or just after his main rival for the title of inventor of the telephone, Elisha Gray, filed his own.

Telecommunication without Walled Gardens

Choozze is all about options. Where traditional service providers offer their services within their own scope, their own networks, their own proprietary software, we believe that you should have the choice to pick the software or hardware VoIP device you want, use the networks you like (be it ADSL at home, Wifi in the hotel, Fiber at the Office).

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